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I am so happy to be able to do the washing-up

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This is a quote from Marcus Babble in the Express (a german rag that's published near where I live)

The interview went as follows -:

28.11.2001. Professor Roman Haberl diagnoses Macus Babble as having Guillain-Barre-Syndrom, a rare and malicious nerve desease. The liverpool FC footballer is in shock.
Those who see him in a wheelchair are shocked too. Legs numb up to the knees and  numbness in his face muscles.
The 1.90 m tall model athlete who has played 51 times for Germany moves like an old man.That was back then. According to Marcus, he'll soon  be back playing football.

Express-: Marcus how are you ?

Marcus-: Good, thanks. I'm on the way back. As if to say I'm fit for my daily routine. I've been visiting the rehab-clinic in Regensburg for two weeks now.

Ex-: Describe your day for us.

Marcus-: 9am I'm on the cycle. Then it's weight work, stretching and even some running in the forest,not forgetting the normal breaks in training. Most times we are finished by 5pm and then I drive back to Munich with my wife Sandra and our two children Pia and Yannick.

Ex-: How is the rehab going ? What can you do, and where do you still have problems ?

Marcus-: Washing-up and drying the dishes is okay. Sinse three weeks I'm back driving again. No, seriously , the last few weeks I have been jogging for periods of 35 minutes, still slowly but Im jogging. I'm still missing strength and coordination but I am progressing. My muscle build is comming back, two weeks ago I looked like jelly. Sometimes I even play football with my physio, simple passing and keeping the ball up.

Ex-: The pictures of you, shortly after the news of your virus was released, were vey disturbing.

Marcus-: Not so much for me. It crept up on me.I was shocked at reaction from everyone though, all that hullaballu. It was clear to me, even then, that I would get back to full fitness. In the beginning I underestimated the desease. As I lay in hospital, there was a bed in intensive  reserved for me day and night. What does it all mean, I asked myself more than once. I also recieved over 300 letters from other sick  people, who are worse off than me. I had some troubling feelings.

Ex-: How was the encouragement from your fellow Players ?

Marcus-: Jens Jeremies comes to visit, Michael Tarnat, Mehmet Scholl and other Bayern Players come too. Paulo Sergio even came with a priest and they prayed together at my bed. Not to forget that also lots of Liverpool players have been here too,things like that gives me strength.

Ex-:When will we see you back playing ?

Marcus-: After easter I will be flying back to England. Preparation for the new season begins at the start of July,
at that time I want to be as fit as the other members of the squad. My contract in Liverpool runs until 2006, it is my dream to complete this contract.

Sounds like good news to me  ;D
Hope the translation is okay for you all, it's not my normal job  ;D

That's great news  :D

Translation was fine, thanks for that :)

Great news.  It's really is!

Thats made my day thanks for posting it.

;D no probs, thats what we're all here for. To make one another happy. It makes you feel good to read about someone, who is a good bloke, getting the better of a shitty situation. Marcus Babble to me is a very good footballer who has a great deal of guts and style. He is very honest man, who took loads of stick from German fans ??? and even more from the DFB  :upyours: (read German FA ), but stuck by his guns in his decision not to play for Germany anymore. For those not in the know, Marcus was blaimed for many things during the last European championships in HOL/BEL, including being a bad player with no bottle. Obviously he wasn't best pleased with all the shit.  


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