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Italian Job

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This is how Roma wanted to deal with Galatasaray players after the game .
Don't you think Roma should be kicked out of CL asap.

Italian police kicking

Very hardline approach. What does the headline transalte to mate? Hopefully we'll knock Roma out and Gala knock Barca out!  ;D

No Roma should not be knocked out.  why should we be punished for something we had no part in??

The best scenario is for Roma to be disqualified and we get 3 points .

I would refer you to the "Roma-Gala trouble - UEFA meet 28/3 (now 22/3)" thread (;action=display;num=1016107257). What ttnbd is referring to is this...

The simple solution is that Liverpool & Gala both win their games. That way Roma are out, Gala are through and UEFA can do whatever fudge they like.

However, if Liverpool do the necessary "win by 2 goals" and Gala/Barca draw then it could get extremely messy. Roma would qualify with Liverpool and the question arises how to throw Roma out if that is what UEFA want to do. There are 5 options that I can think of

i) Award Gala a 3-0 win against Roma - This would put Gala top of the group and through to the quarter-finals at Roma's expense but it would also leave Barca & Liverpool level on 7 points in joint 2nd. In that case Barca would be placed above Liverpool on the aggregate score and go through at our expense.

ii) Disqualify Roma and disregard their results - This would mean that just the results between Barca, Gala & Liverpool are counted which would mean Barca 6Pts, Gala 4Pts and Liverpool 3Pts - again we lose out.

iii) Deduct 6 points from Roma - This would put Barca through at Roma's expense and Gala would still be out!

iv) Disqualify Roma and put Gala in their place - I imagine Barca, who will have finished above Gala, would have something to say about it.

v) Disqualify Roma and give their quarter-final opponents a bye into the semis - Gala are still out and, knowing our luck, it would be the Mancs who get the bye!

( vi) Shanks' suggestion "Roma to be disqualified and Liverpool get 3 points " - 3 points and what score? 3-0 and a Gala/Barca draw still puts Roma through so you have to go back to i) to v) above. Besides which, Gala would probably be seeking 3 points as well since they were the victims and Barca would argue that Roma's results be ignored altogether as in scenario ii) )

So which option would you choose? Do you punish Liverpool for something they had no part in or do you leave Gala go out?


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