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LFC v Roma  - Fagan Flag Night???

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I realise it is far too late to get anything organised officially but shouldn't next Tuesday be a Joe Fagan Flag Night? We are playing Roma, the Team we beat to win the European Cup (and England's first Treble) in 1984 and, if we don't do this next Tuesday, we may not get an opportunity to do this in European Competition in the season after Joe's death.

There is little I can do to organise anything except suggest a banner for anybody going to the match - A picture of Joe (if possible), a picture of the League Championship Trophy (remember, the old one not the current one!), the European Cup and League Cup with an inscription "Joe Fagan - England's First Treble Winner, 1984"

There is, of course, the possibility that this could see Gérard's return to Anfield but I would still like to see some tribute to Joe. After all, we talk about the injustice of Bob Paisley not getting a Knighthood but I don't think Joe even got an OBE!

great post, i doubt it will be an official flag night which is a shame but im sure it will be one hell of an atmosphere, flags and all - hopefully we can get the best atmosphere since Anfield was all-seater. Barca last season was class - anything like that would be enough to inspire the lads.

We can do it!

Well, Liverpool have now announced that the match is sold out so I definitely will not be going! But I hope that those who are going can organise something appropriate. There's a thread on here about a 3rd verse of "Fields of Anfield Road" dedicated to Fagan so maybe that can be looked into as well...

hi Guys

Galatasaray supporters really hope that you beat the shit out of Roma next tuesday. This time even the Italian police won't be able to save them.
we had this special banner for Roma hopefully you will like it and have one at Anfield for us as well

roma flag

Sabbi yypia:
Isn't it gonna be a mosaic day on tuesday too?


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