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Treatment of Season Tickets holders with temporary access Problems

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--- Quote from: Kenny's Jacket on December  3, 2021, 03:02:15 pm ---the Ticket office are a fucking disgrace

lazy as fuck

--- End quote ---

Twas ever thus....

Itís a tough one, the letter is terrible. My dad has had 2 knee replacements so hasnít even got the aisle option. Iíve been with him in the hospitality in the main stand  but thatís a once a season in the league cup trip because of the cost.

The KD legroom is terrible so I appreciate your dilemma. I just wanted to give you a bit of hope in that Iíve read - and it went like this for my dad - it takes over 2 years for the replacement knee  to fully heal and ďget back to normalĒ
Good luck and hope you get back to the match soon

Might be having an operation just before Christmas that will leave me on crutches for several weeks. What's the club policy on getting into the ground with crutches?


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