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Treatment of Season Tickets holders with temporary access Problems

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call me red:
Having just had knee replacement i asked the club in advance if it would be possible to find me a temporary seat with more leg room for the next few games it did not have to be disabled seat ie i think any seat in the Main Stand would do. I am in Kenny Dalglish Lower which is crap legroom anyway so know i will struggle or at least inconvenience  those around me.
What do people think is it unreasonable of me to expect help ? i find the reply of just "give it to someone else " more or less them saying they cant be arsed.
Heres there reply :-

Dear *******

Thank you for contacting Liverpool Football Club.

Apologies for the delayed response and any inconvenience caused.

I am sorry to read that you are going to struggle accessing your seat due to knee surgery, however, we are unable to relocate seats temporarily. If you are unable to access your seat due to the surgery for upcoming games, you can transfer your ticket to a friend or family member.

Sorry that I can not be more helpful in this instance and should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Kind regards
Ticketing Services
Liverpool Football Club

Itís clearly the abruptness of the clubs reply that has frustrated you there, and understandably so. They could have structured it in a far more sympathetic way. I also donít think Iíve ever seen a more contradictory sentence than that last one in their message!

Given the number of Season Ticket Holders, all tickets already being sold up to the New Year, and the (at the time) imminent bulk sales for the rest of the season, Iím sure itís a case of there simply not being spare seats that can be swapped around, and itís possibly a bit of a hassle for them to try too. Iím also assuming that Ďnext few gamesí also included at least one European game, which presents other issues too.

They perhaps could look at it on a game-by-game basis, as STHís put their seats up onto the exchange? After all, they have said they would be happy to help if you contact them, even after saying they could not be more helpful on this occasion  :-\

call me red:
Thanks for your comments
I to think if they had come back and said we cant help with the euro game but we could offer you an aisle seat in the main stand or Kop or  even a seat in the kop or main stand its not a disabled seat but theres a bit more legroom & thats all we can do i`d have accepted that but just to say no
give your seat to someone else was poor.
I have written back to them saying that but don`t hold out much hope.
I`ve had a season ticket for many years and know compared with other fanss i`m lucky, i don`t want to give it away i want to go to the game.
I think its another example of Great Team, Shit Club.

Have you asked if they'd be willing to let you swap with someone with a spec you can easily get to maybe? Maybe you could source another seasie that sits lower?

Surprised they don't have a process for something like this, surely there's a handful of genuine cases every season of people getting injured or having surgery etc.

Kenny's Jacket:
the Ticket office are a fucking disgrace

lazy as fuck


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