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The creeping silent army of the ether (Twitter-Whoppery)

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When Oscar Wilde said “Give a man a mask and he’ll tell you the truth” he was unquestionably on to something. When we have even a degree of anonymity we become braver, harsher and often cuttingly ‘on point’. We’re liberated by the absence of identification and we can, therefore, shoot from the hip with both barrels and then some. Truthiness isn’t just offered, it becomes our absolute entitlement and we rarely miss an opportunity.

This brings us to the internet era where Wilde’s insight appears increasingly problematic given the fact we now have a few billion folk who have the opportunity to tell the truth given their online anonymity…yet truth, honesty and authenticity are not always easy to come by. Furthermore, once a falsehood has swept across the web, the truth is still putting its underpants on.

Over the past few days the cranks have been cranking it up. As the transfer window came to an end, internet users will have become increasingly aware that a cohort of Liverpool fans were dissatisfied with the fiscal prudence showcased by the club’s American owners. ‘#PleaseBanMeForALongTime’ was proffered by hundreds/thousands/millions of apparent Liverpool fans with some resorting to bile and insults directed at the club and even the manager and players. As tone deaf as some of the remarks appeared, it did not stop hordes of these individuals to tweet endlessly about the perceived state of the club – often contrasting Liverpool with other top sides who, we were being told, we leaving Liverpool in their wake.

These people would up the ante. More would pile on. It was a free-for-all and nothing was off limits. The natural instinct many have always had to defend the club is obviously not shared by these special individuals as they jump all over the heritage of a club that has been through more than most and got the bruises to show for it. They lean into prejudice, give players a good kicking and call genuinely fanatical supporters horrible names. The worst gang of lads you’ll ever know.

Whatever your views are of the transfer window, I think there will be a sense of shock and disgust at the tone of how some fans go about their business. Wild accusations, horrific insults, childish arguments and terrible whoppery laid it bare. Liverpool is a giant of a club and there are lots and lots of folk who support them. While this fact helps to swell the coffers and gives the club a global standing, it also means there are myriad ‘takes’ that can often make your eyes bleed.

But…so what?

Does it matter?

Does this stuff have traction?

How many people are actually reading it?

Does the club get worked up by it?

Is this stuff just bouncing round the echo chamber?

Who are these people anyway?

It isn’t even actual noise, is it? It’s not actually real life, is it? It’s not being published in books or magazines, is it? Where is it?

It’s everywhere but it’s also nowhere. It’s present but also totally absent.

It doesn’t actually matter because it doesn’t actually change anything. It has no traction. It’s built on an illusion that it has genuine agency to change and alter the views and behaviour of people who run the football club.

It’s a fallacy.

Unquestionably it is silent noise.

An unqualified army marching together towards infinite nothingness.

Their vileness encourages others to join this soulless group of weirdos who will never understand anything worth knowing.

Ignore it. Bin it. It’s bad for you.

Charlie Adams fried egg:
I agree with your sentiment, but the problem is that the worlds of the internet fans and the mainstream media become ever more intertwined.

Media, and I include fan media in this increasingly use social media comment to drive their own content. Mainstream pundits also pick up on some of this stuff, add their names to it and then find their comments carried by media. Just read The Echo's LFC homepage to see what I mean. There's something today quoting Neville saying that somethings not right at Liverpool.

I ignore virtually all of it, this is may main LFC news source, but it becomes increasingly difficult when ever growing numbers of posters treat this place like Twitter.

Do what I do and don't read any of the twats.

The entire industry has become generally horrendous. We have pundits and sports media who can't be arsed being professional and instead showcase their bias and ignorance. It's a race to the bottom for clicks and attention as detailed analysis is left well behind. Why discuss tactics and poor refereeing performances when we can do 'bantz' instead?

The Internet gives a voice and has unfortunately given carte blanche to trolls and general imbeciles to give their 'opinion' as fact. As far as LFC is concerned, we have to compete with oil cheats who can spend what they like. Too many fans expect us to challenge consistently under these circumstances. We realistically should be around the champions league spots but beating financially doped monsters to the top across a 9 month season is a tall order. We did it once thanks to our genius of a manager and a wonderful group of players. Whether we can get it again is another matter.

Honestly, I think the main reason for the cryarsing is not due to the team faring poorly, but because of the 'bantz' these fans have to endure from other fans who are also tools.

--- Quote from: WhereAngelsPlay on September  2, 2021, 01:49:49 pm ---Do what I do and don't read any of the twats.

--- End quote ---
Also, this :D

number 168:
The media are so happy with Twitter et al as it gives them free 'stories' to fill their content, the more ridiculous the better. Sadly the Echo is as guilty as any of them when it comes to spewing out this stuff masquerading as jounalism. There was the recent widespread idea trending that supporters were going to hold an anti-FSG protest at Anfield, nothing happened as it was just social media hype but the image of supporter disatisfaction was sewn. The problem is anybody with a keyboard can spread the most ill informed and scurrilous lies or propaganda and it will be picked up by people around the globe who have no real reference point and simply believe it. Nowadays the lone voice in the pub who used to get short shrift can be now as powerful as the internet. Luckily the reference point that sustains the Club is the crowd at the match and that is what Jurgen, the players and FSG seem to recognise amid the froth of social media and crappy journalism.


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