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Hi all

Found out last week I'm being made redundant after 13 years. Just about to complete on a new house too! Awful timing. Positive news is that I have an interview on Thursday and the companies office is in Toxteth.

I havent been to Anfield in years or even seen the 'new' main stand! My plan is to drive up  after the interview and park somewhere near and have a walk around and take it all in.

What is the area like for parking in the area now? Are there any places just to pull up and hop our for an hour or so?

Thanks in advance

Son of Spion:
Sorry to hear about your job loss.  :-\

You'll no doubt get much more in-depth and more useful answers than mine, but when I pop up to the ground in the week (non match day) I park right opposite the Kop, alongside The Park pub. It's a short road with a dead end and has free parking. When I go it's usually empty or just has the odd car parked there.

I've not had any problems parked there, and it's just a case of crossing the road to enter the ground and club shop. Others might offer better suggestions which are more secure though. I've never used the club car parks around the ground, so have no idea if they are open on non match days and what the cost might be.

Enjoy your visit, and all the best getting a new job.

Thanks for the response.

Job thing is one of those, happening to many and I'm fortunate enough to have 13 years service and a shot at an internal position. I count myself lucky. Many people finding themselves in worse situations.

Anyway thanks for the info. Sounds spot on, I'll try park up somewhere and have a wander about. Can't wait!

Any other suggestions appreciated.

Crosby Nick:
I did the stadium tour last year and my dad parked in the Centenary/Kenny car park. Think we had to show we’d booked on the tour though so might not be an option for you.

Sorry to hear about your job, but all the best with your upcoming interview.

Parking around the ground is easy enough on a non-match day. We went to the museum and saw the Premier League trophy in the Kop Bar a few weeks ago and parked on the Stanley Park car park. There’s also a small car park right behind the back of the Anfield Road end too.

You shouldn’t have any issues finding a space on either.


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