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Friday's draw will pit each group winner against a runner-up from one of the other three groups. Teams from the same second group stage section cannot meet but teams from the same country can. In each quarter-final, the group winner has the advantage of playing the second leg at home.    

So we play the first leg at Anfield against either Man Utd, Real Madrid, or Deportivo/Leverkusen.

That settles all the discussion...:)

Bring em on, whoever it is, though would rather save the Mancs for the final  ;) - playing like we did last night, no team will fancy us over two legs.

I fancy a trip to Spain so either of them Spangols will do!!

they said this morning on bbc news and tonight on 5live uefa changed its mind and no man utd for even more confused  ???

forget that...i should of read this ......


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