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My first Liverpool/Anfield visit Man City game - advice

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Hey fellas,

After 35 years (I'm 40 now) supporting Liverpool I'll finally be making my first home game at Anfield vs Man City on Oct 7th (Of course I had to go for the biggest game! lol) . The date got pushed to the Sunday so I'll be staying in the city center at a rather nice hotel from Friday to Monday now.

I got a hospitality ticket(Not exactly sure if that was a good or bad thing, I just wanted to make sure I got tickets in general!) Just wondering if you guys can give me any pointers, as far as must see things, anything Liverpool FC related places I should visit and seeing I got an extra day to kill now, what would you guys suggest? Same with game day? I know a lot of questions but I'm pretty excited for this one! I'll also be coming alone. So any places I should avoid wearing red lol.

Thanks in advance! YNWA!

Have only been to anfield twice myself so my experience is very limited compared to others but as a non-local  ;D I can highly recommend the stadium tour (obviously not available on match days) yes it's a bit touristy though I thoroughly enjoyed taking my son (his 1st visit to Anfield!) as did he, we have a few good snaps, outside the shankly gates, the European trophy, in the stands and dressing room etc. On match day I went into the albert for a pint before kick off, right outside the ground, packed to the rafters and full of swaths of red shirts in full jovial voice, definitely an experience I won't forget, and of course just being at anfield during a match is immense, goosebumps multiple times during the match and being able to (hopefully) see the lads much closer than you ever can from watching it on the TV, not too mention the atmosphere... I'm sure you'll have a great experience and hopefully we put the oil club to the sword again just to top it off.

Plenty of information here:

And also here:

The above link also includes a 48 hour visit guide which might interest you:

Start off at the Blob Shop for breakfast, then head to the Dispensary for cocktails.
For sight-seeing, go and look at the Queen Victoria Statue from the side on.
Get a cab to the ground, If he's a blue, tell him it's your first time in Liverpool and he'll take you the quick route.
Check out Sing Fong for street food, then head to Walton Breck road Bar d'esso-garage for some wine (they have a lovely outdoor terrace).

Seriously though, go to all these pubs.


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