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Thanks Phil !!!

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With Gerard's return to the bench last night confirming that he is becoming more involved again I would like to say a big thank you to Phil Thompson for keeping the club at the top.

So Phil this is to you:

I'll never forget the birthday present we shared this year [so OK it was one day late!] with that great win at Old Trafford.

You and the rest of the backroom staff have done a wonderful job in keeping the team going during Gerard's absence. You've always said that you prefer to stay out of the limelight but since you've had it thrust upon you, you have been a great credit to a great club.

As a supporter since 1953/4, I can honestly say I have never been prouder than I was last night. I couldn't get to the match because of business commitments but watched it all live and it ranks as one of the all-time great nights - matching, for me, not only the St Etienne game but also that fabulous night under Shanks when we beat Inter Milan 3-1.

That we were in a position to qualify from the toughest of the groups is a tribute to all involved, but especially to your ability to keep the club going through such a difficult period.

It was great to see Gerard on the bench last night and to see you both sharing a joke in sure a high-pressure situation and I'm sure we will all be glad to see him back at the helm. But I, for one, will always be greatful for what you have done for this great club - MY CLUB!

totally agree. Thanks Phil (even though I did make a c*nt out of myself in front of you).

Wants to sit on Santa's knee:
A subtle but telling point made in yet another glowing tribute to GH...

--- Quote ---Thompson promised Houllier he would have Liverpool in contention for the title and Champions League on the day he was fit to return - and he has been as good as his word.
--- End quote ---



--- Quote ---totally agree. Thanks Phil (even though I did make a c*nt out of myself in front of you).
--- End quote ---

Im interested, what exactly did you do?


YOUVE DONE US PROUD :) :) :) :) :)


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