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So who do you want in the Quarters?

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Eli_B (aka Badland Red):
Ok Anthony - no probs fellow red!  8) ;D ;D

Also i wouldn't mind Real Madrid in the last 8 as well  ::) :o . But if we do meet them, the team will have to be on top form to defeat them over 2 legs!

give us the mancs, we would definetly beat them over 2 legs. we can beat anyone in it after coming thru that group.

Real Madrid!

So in summary we can meet:

deportivo or Bayer Lever...

Is that right

For completion please can I have confirmation onthe other Q-finalists?

Surely we want Bayer?

I thought that there was a rule that says that teams from the same country cant play each other until the semis? I may be wrong but thats what i heard, I dont think it matters who we get if we play like we did


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