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So who do you want in the Quarters?

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In reality the weakest team left in for us to place is the scum. Depor are shit hot. Madrid we want in the final and are arguably the best left in. We can beat the scum

Bring them on...

Well, following tonight's results we cannot face Deportivo so the choice is now between Real, the Mancs & Bayer Leverkusen.

So my revised ideal draw is

LFC v Real
Deportivo v Mancs
Bayern v Barca
Panathinaikos v Bayer Leverkusen

I'd like the winner of the 4th tie in the semis and in the Final, well let's just say we still have some humble pie left to feed a certain pair of Dutchmen...  ;D

If we were to get Bayer or the Mancs I'd be happy enough - I think our best chance may be against Bayer but I'd hate to see our run of victories against the Mancs end in the European Cup...

Im really not arsed who we get. Roma were many people's tip to win the competition and we sent them packing (they couldnt score past us over two games!).

At the end of the day, we are definitley better than the mancs in a one-off situation against them, Im not too arsed about Bayer, and you have got to play Real at some stage if you want to win the tournament.

It would be good to get Real, as if we beat them the confidence would soar even higher and the best team in the competition will have been knocked out by us! Get em out the way early on  ;D

To be honest, I'm not really bothered who we draw tomorrow.  I'm just thrilled that our European rollercoaster ride is still flying round the track.

:) :) :D ;D

I said Madrid but only coz im a daytripping fuck and fancy the Plaza Mayor more than the Arndale Centre or whatever the (lovely, im sure!!) city of Leverkeusen has to offer!!


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