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So who do you want in the Quarters?

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Wants to sit on Santa's knee:
(Bear in mind if Schalke (I mean Bayer Leverkusen!!!) beat Deportivo they win group D (and Arsenal go out))

Wants to sit on Santa's knee:
The draw is on Friday, we play one of the Winners of Groups A, C or D with the 1st leg at Anfield, there is nothing in the rules to prevent us facing the Mancs, but I'd like to play Real. Bring Macca back home and I think we could turn them over!

not the moment :)

Eli_B (aka Badland Red):
FC Shalke - you mean Bayer Leverkusen!  ;) ;D

Anyway Provided if they can beat Depo and the Gooners lose at Juve (in the Stadio Delle Alpi). I don't mind having Leverkusen as our opponents in the quarter-finals  8).

Wants to sit on Santa's knee:

I'm finally losing it!  ;D ;D ;D

Well, you know what I mean...  ;D


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