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Some of you may know that a few positions on the Supporters Committee were up for re-election recently. I applied for the LGBT Supporters Rep position, and have been shortlisted. There is now a public vote here:

I don't want to come here and say "vote for me", because the committee is not about individuals. It's about having a representative who can communicate the views and issues of their group, and the wider Liverpool FC support, to the committee and club officials. So for that reason, I really urge you to read the profiles of the candidates in all categories, and make your choices based on that. There are some really impressive people shortlisted, and I'm sure that whoever is elected will do a great job in raising issues that affect us to the club.

Having said that, I do believe in my ability to do that as well as anyone. I've written on here on numerous occasions about LGBT issues, and originally suggested that the club get involved with the Liverpool Pride Festival (the first Premier League club to engage with a LGBT Pride event). And I'm sure my penchant for debating equality issues on here has not gone unnoticed by a lot of you ;). Finally, I know I've been around here long enough, and have met enough of you at Anfield, and at grounds around the UK and Europe, for my commitment to Liverpool FC and to the "Liverpool Way" to never be in question.

So please, check out all the applicants and place your votes. The committee is there to improve things for us, the supporters, so engage with it and use it. Ultimately it will help the club (and push the club to) do more for us. 

Check out the voting, here:


Rhi  :wave

Hi there, my name is Jaideep Singh and I am also running for a position on the committee, representing the Black Asian Minority Ethnic role on the Supporter's Committee, If elected, I look forward to listening to all your suggestions and questions regarding forming a continual and more productive dialogue with the powers that be in regards to ALL issues, including the recent issues regarding ticketing... Singh

Jft96, ynwa

Jonathan Hall ☆☆☆☆☆☆:
Good luck to both of you.

Rhi is a minority, she from welsh wales...

Benimar Col:
 I would and so would ROY HEANEY appreciate you spending the time to vote for a true Red onto the committee, many thanks Col

Hello JD  :wave


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