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I can see it now..........

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I can just sense whats going tohappen between us and chelsea.

Liverpool  2-2  Chelsea
Owen 34           Gudjhonsen 18
Hamann 72         Hasselbaink 56

After only 10 minutes gone with Liverpool looking to continue the performance from tuesday night. Only a string of saves from the chelsea keeper keeps the score at 0-0.

Totaly against the run of play, we fall behind on 18 minutes through a mistake in our defense which gudjhonsen took advantage of. After a pretty even next 15 mins, Mickey Owen is given a great chance to level things up with a great 1-on-1 chance from a great through ball from stevie gerrard, which he finishes with ease.

During chelsea's best period of the game, Hasselbaink puts chelsea back ahead 10 mins after the restart, with a shot from just outside the area which goes powerfully into the bottom corner, Jerzy Dudek unable to do anything to stop it. Hamann levels the scores once again with a superb half volley. A corner is swung in, half cleared, someone shoots from edge of box, deflected, falls to hamman to the right of the penalty spot, lets it bounce, then fires it past the keeper.

Gerrard then misses a great chance to put us ahead on 82 minutes, firing wide from 10 yards.

Chelsea pile on the pressure in the 87th minute, and a great dudek save earns them a corner. Only 2 great saves from dudek and the help of a post deny them a goal.

Not quite, but good effort. Bit like Chelsea really..... ;)


Mystic Meg's got nothing to worry about then  ;)

LFC_4_EVA - Thank heavens you got it all wrong ;)

Curly Tom:
remind me not to take bettting tips from LFC4Ever ;)


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