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The Gerard Houllier Treble Season Feeling

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Curly Tom:
I don't know about anyone else but I've got the GHTSF again. The Gerard Houllier Treble Season Feeling. That feeling that with Houllier back and Thommo at his side we're on the verge of something huge, even bigger perhaps that the momentous 5 cups last year.

The exact moment that I got the GHTS last season was when a sweet free kick from the one and only Gary Mac whistled into the bottom corner of the Everton net watched by thousands of totally gobsmacked blues. I was actually in the car listening to it on the radio, I was tired in a bit of a bad mood and frustrated that at one of the last hurdles my beloved Liverpool had faltered, again. (Remember Liverpool from 89-01 is all I've known  )

Then on that dark mediocre night I knew that Liverpool were on the verge of doing something amazing. There were lots of those moments during last season, when I thought we'd stumble but we just strode on but that was really the one where I thought this it, we're going to do it.

I'm happy to say I've got that feeling again. Obviously games like Roma make you think, yeah we could really do this but the Chelsea game surprisingly enough game me even more of that feeling. Probably because we were being outplayed and didn't look like scoring. How many games has that happened and we haven't scored how many times have you prayed for that last minute winner that never comes? When it does come you know it means something special.

When things go right you just know that'll they continue to go right. Weekend after weekend I've seen Man Utd slip up then us not take advantage, this time we have and have given us the greatest chance of winning that League Title that's been absent from Anfield for far too long. You just feel that this spirit and this feeling that we've all got could be the difference between us and Arsenal and the Mancs. Arsenal are a bunch of boring unpassionate sods at the best of times and their lackluster display in Italy couldn't have helped. Ok they were outstanding against Newcastle but they've got by far the hardest run in. Then there's Utd, slipped up against Boro and looking less than invincible. Again they're not the most passionate lot in the world are they?

We've got a pretty good draw in the Champion's league, a half decent run in, Houllier back, the best fans in the world and the spirit and skill of the likes of Owen, Gerrard, Hyypia and Dudek. I really don't think it could get any better.

Better? Ohh it could...good reading though :D

See yer Saturday ;)

Onwards and upwards....

There's a new word for the medicin people; GHTSF! :D

I know exactly what you mean though. Something great could be just around the corner, it's within reach. Just before the Newcastle game, some of my friends had been saying we were not good enough. They said we could not play the attacking game, the...well, you know the talk. (If not, then I would imagine there are some threads on the Official site that deal with it).

Anyway, the last couple of weeks we seem to have found another gear. All of a sudden we've got the momentum, the atmosphere sounds great and there is that GHTSF... the feeling that we will get the job done in the end. It's a great feeling! :)

I too have the GHTSF & I like it alot!  ;D


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