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All those transfer rumours...


....are starting to irk me.  First Bowyer to us, then Anelka to the Gooners, now Gerrard to Juventus (

Why do they usually prop in abundance when we are entering a critical period?    :wanker:

C.B Alonso:

as if you dont know the answer!

Well, this is Transfer Deadline week so the rumour mongers are bound to be in Overdrive at the moment.

That said, some of it has no basis in truth whatsoever!  :but:

Sabbi yypia:
not to mention the Redders to Spurs also, i sincerely hope that rumour is just a rumour....

Redknapp has been linked with Spurs since he joined us - I think they deserve him for their patience.  I can't see him ever being the player that his potential promised.  Damn shame but all the injuries have ruined him - I rated him higher than Beckham for a couple of years.
I can't see him ever breaking into the team, and he's such a nice bloke I'd rather he had 1st team somewhere else.


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