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Lonsdale Travel 209 day trip...

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--- Quote ---Have been on the website and there's no details available yet.

209 is a bit steep for a flight to Germany, but if that's what it costs then so be it.

See you all there ;) ;)
--- End quote ---

Oh and don't bother with the website - its more of a corporate thing than anything and has never had details of the footy deals!!

Do Lonsdale guarantee ticket ,as Michael says price is just for flight?


--- Quote ---Plus everyone who uses them is an honourary "Nigel & Justin" - great!!
--- End quote ---

If that is a dig it is unjustified; 1000's of genuine fans use Lonsdales to go to away games...anyhow the match ticket is guaranteed, and the price is added to the 209. You also need travel insurance. The capacity of their stadium means that touts will command a premium for "spares". Only those with a good record of away travel who are familiar with the ways of the ticket office will manage to get independent tickets for this game.

If you want to go to the game they look like the safest bet to get a, where is my commission cheque?!? ;D


In my opinion that is a complete rip off. My trip will cost Me 175 MAX which includes 2 nights accom.  :upyours: Lonsdale.

Just rang Lonsdales who say they only have 20 or so places left for both the day trip and overnight stop.

btw the stopover is on the night of the match and is 285 plus price of match ticket. Bloody hell thats steep for a quick hop across the channel!



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