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Lonsdale Travel 209 day trip...

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...has just been booked!

See you in Germany!


Lonsdale Number is 01332 378440. You have to be a travel club member and the price does not include the ticket, which should be around 30.

I used Lonsdales to fly to Barca, and booked before I joined the travel club. LFC then issued a card on the basis of the booking, even though the list was "closed".

They may not be so keen this time around but it may be worth a try if you are not a member...


Did you not fancy the overnighter Michael??

Have been on the website and there's no details available yet.

209 is a bit steep for a flight to Germany, but if that's what it costs then so be it.

See you all there ;) ;)

Ive booked the 209 day trip too, as yet there are no prices on the "one-nighter".

It may be a little bit more expensive than going independantly but you ARE guarenteed a ticket and have seemed pretty good when ive used them (apart from fucking up our tickets a bit last week but they got it right in the end).

Plus everyone who uses them is an honourary "Nigel & Justin" - great!!


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