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--- Quote ---I've been on the back row once before - it's a CLASS view.
--- End quote ---

You must have better vision than most then - or maybe super-strength bi-focals?  :)

--- Quote ---I love sitting in the Centenary Stand.
--- End quote ---

Any particular reason?
Legroom (coz you have to sit down!) = zero
Atmosphere = zero
Moaning bastards getting on JC's back = nearly as many as main stand
Chances of dying from lack of oxygen on back row = pretty damn high!  :)

I don't see what the problem is? I was having a chat with the people around me, and it was fine. In The Kop, you end up standing up every 2 seconds, and I can't be doing with it (sorry, don't mean to sound dull). Centenary Stand = good view, no need to stand up, wasn't cold when I sat there. Oh well, I like it, and that's just me. But you can't beat The Kop for a good atmosphere, I'll give you that.


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