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Independant travellers to Bayer.

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Help & advice needed for this please:-

With the low capacity of the Bayer ground and our probable small allocation of tickets is it likely many people will get in to watch the game who have not gone with Lonsdales etc.

If there was a realistic prospect of finding a ticket I would book cheap travel or drive. Cant see many spares being available over there.


Steve C:
Ive paid 40 quid for a flight over, and applied for tickets. Problem is, you need to have been to a few euro aways to have a good chance, although this was said for Barca, and I know ppl  who had 5+ euro aways who didnt get tix, and ppl with no euro aways who got them!

The alloc for Indys will be very small, and it is likely that your ETC number will have to have 3+ previous euro aways (possibly more) to have a chance.

Im not sure if tix thru Lonsdales count or not (so if you had been to 4 games with Lonsdales, and tried Indy tghis time, I dont know if you have 'banked' 4 euro aways or not).

It seems with Lonsdales you pay a helluva lot for a guaranteed ticket....Its not for me.

Thanks Steve.

Two Euro aways for me so i'll put the application in and see. By the way are photocopies of the application form acceptable to the club. I have run out of the red coloured ones.


Steve C:
Rushian (Steve D) from ILSA might know if they are. I cant see why not...

Available in PDF format by clicking here

roger - yes, mine was done with a photocopied ETC form, but that's not a 100% yes as the Ticket Office does seem to be in a wibbly wobbly world of it's own.

I returned home on Saturday to find a letter from the TO to say that I'd been unsuccessful in my application of tickets for the Barcelona game.

I was gutted of course....

It's Lonsdales for me this time... that's a SMALL stadium after all...   :(


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