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the italian papers are saying

1) it wasn't a penalty

2) we don't care about the champions league anyway

gotta love them

I think that's about right.

I like the way only Heskey gets a mention for us... and in the follow article the only player mentioned is Michael Owen!!  I think they must have got a lift not seeing him on the teamsheet and really can't have known what hit them in the first 10 minutes...

If it's papers from round the globe you want to look at.  Check this place out.  It shouldn't disappoint.

Then, when you find the paper you want to check out.  Open another browser and go to this site:

Then put the web address of the page, and it will give you a rough translation of it, and by rough, I mean rough.  You just have to read between the lines.  For example, this is from Il Centro.

Rome, goodbye to Europe
Hat mistakes formation, the Liverpool dominates

LIVERPOOL. Bitter Liverpool for the giallorossi. English win meritatamente turning out the Rome that hopes invano in a par to Istanbul. She wins instead Barcelona and the Hat square can only think next to the championship. For the romanisti Liverpool it is terminal station and yesterday the regretted ones are reduced lessened. The elimination, than in the clan Roman nobody seriously put in the account, reaches the term of a mistaken contest is like approach that like formation. And the return to Anfield Road di Houllier, the French technician who has exceeded a serious cardiac disease, has a taumaturgico effect. The Liverpool plays, the Rome endures. Hat mistakes infoltendo to excess the centrocampo and leaving covered the bands little.
To Assuncao right it is a water fish fuor and the headed ones of Riise provoke sfracelli that they do not come healed. English pass to the beginning with a transformed rigor sacrosanto from Litmanen, then operate a pressure that the romanisti endure with little reactive ability. Only Emerson seems not to lose the head, but its step is however slow. Candle comes behind risucchiato and the centrocampo English ago from landladies.
In the resumption Hat he inserts the light tridente with Montella and Delvecchio, is some folate but in the two created occasions the English defenders succeed to opporsi. English double with Heskey and the situation does not straighten more. Cassano enters and the outlines jump.
The Rome is outside from the Champions not having known to make outside the Galatasaray the past week. Liverpool is of new stage term of the romanista way: after the Goblet Champions lost to the rigors and the elimination in Uefa Goblet of the past year there is a third party stop. But at least in the slid season there was the alibi of the rigor given and not given from Garci'a Aranda. This year nothing to make, neanche Totti never succeeds to take for hand the square who hour must only think next to the championship.
Owen does not recover, Hat recovers Candle, chooses Batistuta and a centrocampo to five with Panucci in defense. Ovazioni of the public for the return of Houllier trainer, for 1™ the time in field (along I embrace with Hat) after the cardiac disease. But not there is time in order to study the tactics that the Liverpool crushes the Rome in its area. To the 6 ' tambureggiante action in area, Panucci and Emerson reject short and Assuncao couples Murphy. The rigor comes transformed with one feint from Litmanen. The Rome goes in the football and Hat makes to giostrare external Assuncao with inner Tommasi. The movement is not happy why the Brazilian does not have the step in order to play on wraps and comes put in difficulty the fastest Riise. It throws again in ahead are useless because Batistuta and Totti come overhung from 4 adversaries.
Hat understands that the things therefore do not go, that it has mistaken formation and in the interval operates two changes: Montella for Batistuta and Delvecchio for Lima riproponendo therefore the light tridente of the last games of championship.
The maneuver hour becomes more fluid even if too much you articulate. The English defender Henchoz saves in angle to the 8 '. But in contemporary with the goal of the advantage of Barcelona the Liverpool doubles. E' the 19 ' and from a punishment on left spiova a football that Heskey perfectly hits of head exceeding Aldair and depositing in network. The Rome suffers the blow and the Liverpool is get loosed with folate fast that comes contrate with difficulty.
They jump the outlines and, put the contest on the physical plan, English make a figurone. The Liverpool is to the quarters, the Rome returns mestamente to house.

Shaky Jake:
Fuckin' Brilliant! Poetry!  8)

They came. They saw. They got their arses kicked.


--- Quote ---Nah, struggle with English - just spot a good picture when I see one. †Liverpool is the top Sports story in the Arab world and Emile and Jari the top sports pictures! †Rock on REds!!!
--- End quote ---

The title says: "Liverpool recover their glory (days)". They go on to say that we totally dominated the match (no translation needed though), they give a brief history of our record in the European Champions Cup (4 time winners), and they mention the goal scorers, Jari Litmanen (pronounced jari not yari  ;D) and Emile Heskey (HAAskey).


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