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--- Quote ---Panucci and Emerson reject short and Assuncao couples Murphy.
--- End quote ---

Ooo-er!  :o

;D ;D ;D

Lead story again on CNNArabic sports section good eh!

The day after Gerard Houllier took ill, Le Boss's critical condition was the top sport story on Al Jazeera, that Arabic satellite channel that became so (in)famous with the whole Bin Laden business.

The man is a living legend and, Ginola apart, apparently without an enemy in the football world.

The attitude of the Chelsea players yesterday, especially but not only the French ones, at the end of the game spoke volumes for the esteem in which he is rightly held.

Ignore the begrudgers and make no mistake about it: we would be very popular Domestic and/or European champions, not least due to the man at the helm, especially after all that he has been through.  Goodness, a lot of the press are even taking Thompson (good piece from Patrick Collins in 'The Mail on Sunday' yesterday) to their hearts and giving him due credit at long last.      


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