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Coming back to the league ...

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I hope you'll be as wrong about Chelsea as you were against United Archie  ;D Me too, I fear Chelsea a little bit because they've been enjoying some success against us lately, but I hope that this time, as I indicated in my original post, we are a different team from the one that played them last time around.

Anthony, you should be appointed the official statistician/archivist of this web site (if you haven't already)  ;D You still didn't give us your expectations for tomorrow's match.

Yes, well the secret of my success is that I don't make rash predictions!  ;D  ;D  ;D

It will be a tough match as we are catching them on a run. I think it will be back to plan A for us since Chelsea now have their eyes on 4th spot but I wouldn't mind seeing the Three Musketeers (Owen, Heskey & Anelka) formation given another shot. Given yesterday's result we now have 2nd spot back in our own hands if we win all our games so a draw might not be the end of the world but it's Arsenal we have to watch out for now.

In summary this will be like all our games until the end of the season - a match we can win, it's just whether we do that matters.  8)

Let's see how long Pires going to be out.  Without him and Henry - that's going to hurt the Gooners.  

My own prediction before the Roma game and yesterday is Gooners 1st in the league, us second and Mancs 3rd (can't imagine they'll not lose points with their "tofu" defence). Our bid of the title must be stronger now.

Come on you mighty REDS!  

It comes back to the run-in. We are looking for Arsenal to drop between 4 & 8 points from these games

1 30-Mar-02 H Sunderland
0 01-Apr-02 A Charlton Athletic
3 06-Apr-02 H Tottenham Hotspur
3 20-Apr-02 H Ipswich Town
3 24-Apr-02 H West Ham United
1 29-Apr-02 A Bolton Wanderers
0 T----B----A A Manchester United
3 11-May-02 H Everton


(The figures at the beginning are the points they got from the fixtures last season, Bolton replacing Bradford)

3 London Teams (Charlton & Spurs look handy) plus the Mancs. The last 3 games are against relegation candidates, although I expect Everton may be clear by the last day.

(Thanks to Roger_H for the update...)

The Mancs are as follows

1 30-Mar-02 A Leeds United
3 06-Apr-02 A Leicester City
3 T----B----A H Arsenal
1 20-Apr-02 A Chelsea
1 27-Apr-02 A Ipswich Town
3 11-May-02 H Charlton Athletic


A really tough run-in but they didn't lose any of these games last season!

And we are as follows

1 24-Mar-02 H Chelsea
3 30-Mar-02 H Charlton
3 T----B----A H Blackburn (Coventry)
1 13-Apr-02 A Sunderland
1 20-Apr-02 H Derby
0 27-Apr-02 A Spurs
0 11-May-02 H Ipswich


Note that the games we have left are generally the games that let us down last season - room for improvement but we *can* do it.


--- Quote ---Yes, well the secret of my success is that I don't make rash predictions!  ;D  ;D  ;D

--- End quote ---

Well, I did get the win and Smicer right  ;D

I'm looking forward to the mancs vs arsenal tie. I don't suppose the mancs would want to lose 10 in a season, and another one at home, so I'm hoping they will either cancel each other out, or take all 3 points, which is still preferable to having arsenal take the points; of both these teams, I have the feeling arsenal are the ones least likely to drop any.  

In any case, let's just win our games and have no regrets at the end no matter what.

3 points, and 3 drinks (at least) for me pretty soon  ;D


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