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Adding to Anthonys post re fixture run in. Arsenal have announced dates for rearranged games.

WHU (h) is now Wed 24 April
Bolton (a) now  Mon 29 April.
Still no Man u date.

This would mean that after Spurs away on 27 th we would have only 1 match left if Blackburn is played on 6th(am). Arsenal would have 3 left.

Think this  means  we will delay Blackburn match , as playing them later could mean their fate was sealed one way or the other. Hopefully they would be safe.

Archie - with predictions that accurate, can you predict the rest of the season for us, Arse & Ure? :D

I think Arsenal will drop 2 points in this Easter weekend where they have to play Sunderland (H) and then Charlton (A) in 3 days.

If we win our game at Charlton (finger crossed) then we will be 1 point ahead Arsenal but they have 1 game in hand.  It will come down to that match at OT.

Having said that I think both Arsenal and ourselves will probably drop more points in April so in still think 79-80 points are going to be enough.  We are currently 65 points after 32 games and if we got 14-16 points in the next 6 games that will bring us 79-81 points and that would be good enough for me for the title.


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