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As the post Roma party continues, no need for a reminder of the importance of the Sunday game against the mercenaries (oops, getting a bit excited there  ).  

We need to win this game not only for revenge, but I think it will virtually ensure we will not be challenged for a CL place next season; I know this is almost secure now, but this is the chance to settle the issue.

Good news: No injuries reported from the Roma match, and Mickey will be back.  
Bad news: Chelsea are playing so well recently; then again, so are we. We've come a long way since that infamous encounter at Stamford Bridge. So bring them on!

It should be a crunch game. 2-1 in our favour, Mickey and Smicer the scorers (wild guess).

Your predictions/thoughts?  

What happens, WHEN we win the league and cup is 5th place awarded a CL spot?

I agree completely with RedLoner.  The league is our top priority, and I don't think many fans argue about that.  Let's get the job in hand done.  I can imagine Thommo having banned any talk of the Roma game already.  Focus is the key.  The crowd need to remember that noise really does inspire, that is as valuable a lesson from Tuesday as anything else.

(as for MO10.  no, only four CL spots even if we win CL)


--- Quote ---What happens, WHEN we win the league and cup is 5th place awarded a CL spot?
--- End quote ---

Congratulations - you are the first person this year to ask this question!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

If the winner of the CL also qualifies via their National league position the place does *not* drop down the League but goes back to UEFA for re-allocation. The Champions from the country 10th in the coefficient lists qualifies automatically rather than having to play a qualifier.

We actually met an example this season! Boavista qualified automatically for the Group Stages when Bayern Munich won the CL and the Bundesliga.

(One extra point that now applies to England - Each country can only have a maximum of 4 participants. Where a country has 4 places granted and the CL winners finish outside the top 4 then the team in 4th place loses their CL spot and has to go into the UEFA Cup instead)

Again, again...

i fear chelsea to be honest
sorry but i'm just pessimistic as fuck when it comes to all our games
cause whenever i think we will win we cock up.
i hate them,i really do but we can't handle their frontmen and haven't for the last 3 encounters.
i REALLY want us to thrash them but i can't see it.
utd will win easy today :puke:
us - score draw  :(
i want to be wrong by the way
the arch


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