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Reliving Vladi's Goal

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Thats class that thanks Barrettski  ;D


--- Quote ---Still.. Vladi's goal even looks good on Pro Zone:

...and that's free (for the moment).

Actually, Pro Zone is just funny, watching all the players crowd round Vladi afterwards especially.

--- End quote ---

;D ;D ;D  What a novel idea!

Baz every1 except Henchoz who stick's to his job of marking JFH.  Now THAT is commitment for you. ::) ::)

Sabbi yypia:
But i'm sure Henchoz momentarily crossed the halfway line after the goal  ;D ;D
I have been watching the vladi goal repeatedly today, as you can tell i have nothing better to do - apart from my dissertation, begin my module coursework (3 of them) and revision....


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