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Reliving Vladi's Goal

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Downloaded it from the official website and watch it over and over again  ;D ;D - it was as perfect as a goal could be from start to finish (the most important part is of course the result it gives us ;) ;D ).  

Crisp one-touch passing from the moment we teased the ball from Lampard, then the little perfect flick from Litmanen, Heskey's cross of the season and a fantastic volley by Vladi.  My top contender for the goal of the season!

To get a goal like that in the last 30 seconds of one of our toughest games this season ...
8) ;D

Just been to download the goal but you have to be an e season ticket holder- doh!


soon to be on Kaaza ;)

Still.. Vladi's goal even looks good on Pro Zone:

...and that's free (for the moment).

Actually, Pro Zone is just funny, watching all the players crowd round Vladi afterwards especially.


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