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2021/22 TV Fixtures

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First 3 games will be televised

--- Quote ---Liverpool’s opening three fixtures of the 2021-22 Premier League season have been rescheduled for broadcast purposes.

The Reds’ campaign starter at newly-promoted Norwich City will now kick off at 5.30pm on Saturday August 14 and will be shown live by Sky Sports.

Jürgen Klopp’s side’s first Anfield clash of the term against Burnley will get under way at 12.30pm and be televised by BT Sport on Saturday August 21.

Chelsea’s visit to Merseyside on Saturday August 28 will now start at 5.30pm and be broadcast on Sky Sports.

--- End quote ---

Cant find when the TV fixtures are announced for future games, although I've seen a few places suggest 5th July for September games


Away games with Everton and Leicester on Prime


Period of matches    Provisional date of announcement
August/September   05-Jul-21
October                   06-Aug-21
November               16-Sep-21
December/January   11-Oct-21
February                 14-Dec-21
March                     24-Jan-22
April                       21-Feb-22
May                        04-Apr-22

Leeds and Brentford moved for TV.


--- Quote from: redgriffin73 on July  5, 2021, 04:33:42 pm ---Leeds and Brentford moved for TV.

--- End quote ---
Palace game stays 3pm too


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