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We’ve conquered all of Europe

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We’ve conquered all of Europe
We’re never gonna stop
From Paris down to Turkey
We’ve won the fucking lot
Bob Paisley and Bill Shankly
The fields of Anfield Road
We are loyal supporters
And we come from Liverpool
Allez Allez Allez


Really great tune!

Great! Comes from this Atletico Madrid chant (I think, there could be other versions for other clubs):

Los años han pasado - The years have passed,
y el frente sigue igual - But the fans stay the same,
honrando tus colores - Honoring your colours,
por toda la ciudad. - All over the city.

No importa lo que pase - It doesn't matter what happens,
no nos separarán - They won't separate us,
Atleti yo te amo - Atleti, I love you,
contigo hasta el final. - With you until the end.

Words in that second verse are a bit shit but it is a great tune. Sounds mint when Atleti do it so hopefully this one takes off; could be this years ring of fire?

is the tune crocodile rock by elton? i like it but the last 2 lines need work.


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