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All Time PL Draft - With a Twist! (Discussion Thread & Sign up)

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All Time PL Draft - Only Club Per Club Used

- Can only pick one player from a PL team (once you pick a LFC player then no more LFC players unless they played for another PL club)

- Player has to have played in the PL (obvs)

- Players judged at their peak

- Snake Draft Format


1. JordanTre
2. Hazell
3. Max_Powers
4. Sheer Magnetism
5. Fucking Appalled
6. Linudden
7. Big Dick Nick
8. Adz LFC
9. Drinks Sangria
10. Sarge
11. vivabobbygraham
12. Lastrador 
13. Lawnmowerman
14. XabiArt
15. Tubby

Any one else want to play?

Any other suggestions?


--- Quote from: tubby pls. on December  1, 2021, 03:36:08 pm ---Having an appearance threshold of something like 100 PL appearances would make it more interesting and stop cheesyish picks like Gullit, Maicon, Blanc and youngsters like Foden who shouldn't be in all time PL drafts.

--- End quote ---

A suggestion I'm fine with if others are.

Drinks Sangria:

--- Quote from: JordanTremenderson on December  1, 2021, 03:48:17 pm ---A suggestion I'm fine with if others are.

--- End quote ---
Agreed, it stops Weahs, Di Marias, Gullitts etc


--- Quote from: Drinks Sangria on December  1, 2021, 04:05:44 pm ---Agreed, it stops Weahs, Di Marias, Gullitts etc

--- End quote ---
Thatís no way of getting Samie involved.

Lewis Hamiltonís #1 fan:
100 is quite too many.

50 is okay. It ensures that the player contributed somewhat and stayed more than a year. Worked well at the recent clubs draft. I could deal with 70 or even 75 since that roughly equates two seasons, but let's just say that a century of appearances is a bit too much.

Then it must also be overall appearances more than anything else.


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