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The ifitahadnttabeenforthe, woe is me, aftertiming,semi-timing betting thread!

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Clayton Bigsby:
As the football league season is starting the real betting can begin

Anyone who has frequented the football bets thread knows that I probably get gold medal for the ifithadntabeenforthe and woe is me part but this year im going to be alot better in that regard. im going to stick it in here

Let the football bets thread be just that. Great shouts and quoting great shouts when we bash the bookies

This thread will probably get locked but if it doesn't I hope it is used

Clayton Bigsby:
Strongly fancied drogba today because of his record against arsenal. But left it as I thought he was past it  ::)

Clayton Bigsby:
Bony 5/1 ags. Just had to

Just got royally bummed by PSG

Clayton Bigsby:
You are not the only one. All over facebook, 15 folds, 11 folds, 10 folds etc all waiting on PSG. Apparently had 40 odd shots on goal. Nuts


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