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For all the time Iíve been on RAWK not once have we ever had a fire drill(which is a bit of a no-no if we are honest about it) so I wouldnít know where to go for the fire register if we ever had a fire, and I havenít a clue! who the nurse is or even if we have any trained first aiders.

Is it possible we can set up a H&S committee or could one of you at least have a look at this side of things.

Our welfare is in your hands.

over to Mr Hall...

John C:
 ;D  That has got to the the funniest opening post I've ever read, just fucking hilarious.


--- Quote from: Pheeny on September 17, 2011, 10:35:12 am ---over to Mr Hall...

--- End quote ---

What does Mr Hall know about Health and Safety?

There was a fire drill once and no one's seen Bob K since.


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