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Fathers4Justice on Parliament roof now!

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BBC Breaking news

Apparently he's also been live on the phone to ITN


edit - he's speaking live on Sky News now.

BBC Story -

--- Quote ---A fathers' rights campaigner has scaled the roof of the Houses of Parliament.

Fathers 4 Justice protester Guy Harrison, who has been joined on the roof by other protesters, is bearing a banner which reads "Does Blair care?".

Mr Harrison and a fellow campaigner staged a Commons protest last year which saw purple flour thrown at the prime minister.

Mr Harrison's protest comes on the day that Mr Blair addressed the Labour Party conference in Brighton.
--- End quote ---

Same guy who through the flour bomb - think some copper may get shouted at quite loudly this evening.

Monkey Red:
Watching on Sky now, get in there!!  :wellin

class ;D

get the snipers out there.

Ah, another 'terrorist' threat, lol!


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