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Terror Alert At Manchester Airport

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Man held in airport terror alert 
Police have used a Taser gun to arrest a man under the Terrorism Act and carried out a controlled explosion on a suspect package at Manchester Airport.

Officers were called at about 0830 BST and arrested a man after a struggle on the apron where planes are parked.

The BBC understands a man had been seen with a package underneath a plane.

The airport advised passengers to go to the airport as normal. Correspondent Kevin Bocquet predicted "severe delays" amid "a scene of massive confusion".

"The traffic is backed up all around the airport," he said following the incident.

"Throughout the airport grounds there are people standing in large groups outside the building."

Parts of terminals one and two were evacuated and closed during the incident. Terminal two was reopened at 1140 BST.

Army bomb disposal units carried out a controlled explosion on the package, which is reported to have been a briefcase or suitcase.

A police cordon was set up around the area of the incident.

Kevin Bocquet watched the controlled explosion from the 11th floor of the airport's car park.

Officers sent a remote controlled vehicle out to take up a position directly over the package, he said.

He described a small explosion like a "damp firework", after which army officers moved into to examine the suspect package.

Was it a worker having a sly pack of Ready salted or something?      :lickin

Too much mainstream news = too much twitchyness!

Do the math brother!   


It was probably some poor guy who had been told to put something on the plane by his boss and now he's been arrested for it!

I have just got back from manchester airport, terminal one and two were closed because a man left a briefcase on the terminal and shouted allah, were he was hit with a taser gun.

Thats my understanding of it anyway our flight was delayed because of it

He's been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. He obviously has some issues going on.


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