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Local dining gift ideas


My brother has been spending more and more time with his partner close to Liverpool. This year we've decided on 'experience' Xmas gifts as none of us really have stuff we need. I wanted to get the two of them some sort of dining voucher somewhere, but have no idea what the options are being so far away. Is there anywhere 'notable' in the city to look at? I'm not looking for Michelin star prices, and she's a vegetarian so steak places etc are out.

Googling this really just brings up a bunch of Tripadvisor lists which I have no real reason to trust.

P.S. Don't have a go but places in Manchester are also a possibility if anyone knows any...

How about bouchon deluxe , also allowed to be used at there salt house tapas restaurants , havenít had a bad meal in any of them


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