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--- Quote from: Morgana on December 19, 2022, 06:35:16 pm ---He was the only one on the French team who seemed half bothered... And I mean throughout the match, not just when things picked up for them. Although he didn't play that well in the first half he looked really annoyed and jittery about the 0-2 deficit, while the rest of that lot resembled a collective shoulder shrug. He was carrying them all and still had the nerve to slot home 3 penalties and score a worldie in 120 minutes of football.

Give that man his flowers. He deserves it.

--- End quote ---

The fact Deschamps hooked 2 in the first half tells me that the team selection itself was wrong and it would be unfair to pin it on Mbappe. He did the business later in the game when the team was better balanced.

Clint Eastwood:
What an embarrassment Aguero is. Imagine if Gerrard turned up to our PL presentation in his full kit, hogging the trophy, sinking beers and videoing himself taking the piss out of the opposition.


--- Quote from: lionel_messias on December 19, 2022, 11:07:06 am ---I'm on board with NOT disrespecting people's different cultures but World Cup hosts are there to enable the, umm World Cup.

At the moment of winning the final, all the focus should be on Messi and his teammates and their nation. No part of that should be a nod to the host nation, they should be there in the background, enabling. Also, Fifa, dumb as mince, forever corrupt should have reminded the Emir that football is the people's game, played by folk all over the world, regardless of their material wealth.

You don't anoint someone a King with an actual robe, Messi did that himself by the way he played the game.

--- End quote ---

On this and other comments about Infantino - he really did show himself to be the most utterly spineless sycophant pandering to the wishes of his wealthy masters after that final. 

"You stewardesses must stand precisely there, holding the medals and trophies, you are only to smile and look pretty - the Qatari in the bisht insists it be so..."

"World leaders, please, you must stand here and hand out the medals and trophies, the Qatari in the bisht wishes to stand at a distance to oversee the awarding of their very large and heavy, very expensive, very thick medals of precious gold without being too close to such inferior infidels and insists it be so..."

"Referees, thank you for a finely managed game, you have provided the desired result without controversy, please now go and stand on the platform above where "Young player of the (OH FUCK MEEEE - THEY HAD ONE FUCKING JOB!!!!) tournament is displayed, the Qatari in the bisht insists it be so..."

"Young man, you had a fine tournament and there were probably others who were better, but you played the final and it is convenient to have such a wholesome looking boy accept the trophy, please now go and stand on the platform above where "Young player of the tournament" is displayed". Gianni whispers "The Qatari in the bisht would like to be in your company this evening, he is in no way homosexual but insists you attend his quarters and stroke his manhood - $5million and a Rolls Royce to keep your trap shut child, do you understand me?  Before you visit you must bathe in the milk of a thousand goats, please wear only a robe, no colourful dress as it may cause offence to his supreme being..."

"Martinez, excellent tournament, shame it is you that we have on the podium and not that magnificent beast Alisson Becker, but here is your Golden Glove now go and stand over there above the displ... (OH FUUUUUUUUUUCK, WHAT IS THIS IMBECILE DOING - IN FRONT OF HE WHO SHALT NOT BE OFFENDED?!!) - can somebody get him the fuck out of here, the Qatari in the bisht will insist it be so... (but please, no imprisonment or beheading, this whole sportswashing enterprise is already under enough scrutiny - take a look at his face and tell yourself he's already suffered enough before setting him free into the night)"

"Keeeeeeelian, please don't look so pissed off that we've kept you waiting for an hour whilst we set up the elaborate display nobody but the Qatari in the bisht insisted upon - meet me at my limousine 10am sharp tomorrow and we can start discussing a deal for you and your team for 2026, the Americans insist it be so... Keeeeeeeelian, I said don't look so pissed off - SMILE and show the Qatari in the bisht you feel privileged to have attended this sportswashing enterprise and aren't in any way feeling oppressed by your sportswashing employers"

"Lionel, my boy, congratulations on winning the Player of the Tournament - it was never really going to anyone else, please now go and stand on the platform above where "Player of the Tournament" is displayed"

Argentina supporting cast of players, manager and coaches are ushered through with a hastily thrown medal and pat on the back

"Lionel, my boy, welcome back - congratulations I have made you a World Champion, the Qatari in the bisht insisted it be so.  It has been spoken by my overlords, that you are a King of their football, therefore you must wear this ceremonial bisht.  To preserve my quality of life in Doha (and don't forget the deal we made for you to win the World Cup) keep smiling and just bloody put on this garment as Qatar need to demonstrate to the world that you are a special sportswashers pet dog, not a mere scruffy infidel, as you are the champion of their tournament, their game, the sport they have bought".

To Qatari bisht wearing man "It is done, project executed perfectly - I have done as you insisted, you have my account details"

What a game, best World Cup final in years it has to be said, but against a backdrop of corruption and deceit.  FIFA (and UEFA) should be ashamed and must be made to see they are not fit for purpose.  Corrupt to the core.

If you think the bisht was bad, wait until 2026 when the winning captain is made to wear a cowboy hat, sunglasses, a "I love NYC" t-shirt, some "pants" and a pair of new balance 550's.

I think we're done here now. There's enough b...ull...isht in the world. Let's consider this a mercy locking.


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