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John C:
We're having a single thread for all the footy talk. Pre-game, in-game and post game.
Teams, tactics etc.

All news and reporting is to be kept in the other main thread.


--- Quote from: John C on November 19, 2022, 12:29:09 pm ---All news and reporting is to be kept in the other main thread.

--- End quote ---
Which means this one.


Some useful info for those watching the 2022 Qatar World Cup matches on TV...

World Cup matches being shown live on UK TV : (BBC & ITV between them will be showing every match live on TV)

World Cup matches being shown live on TV around the world (+ great for IPTV etc) :

60+ Stream sites & match highlights sites + more info for the 2022/23 season :

^ aka the pinned 'Some useful info for following the football + TV, Streams, & Highlights etc' thread in the 'General Football and Sport' section of RAWK.

Also - : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

Tournament Info: : : : :

The 32-team 2022 FIFA World Cup is the 22nd incarnation of the World Cup. It takes place in Qatar - from Sunday 20th November to Sunday 18th December.

Wikipedia Page: &

RAWK's 'World Cup - Qatar, news. issues and reports only' thread:

RAWK's 'LFC Squad - World Cup Break' thread:

For live scores, team line-ups, fixtures & results, tables, in-game comms, info, stats and more... :

Goal Videos (and other incidents, saves, skills, red cards etc) often appear here minutes after being scored : &

Match Highlights - : : : : : : : : : :

^ + on ITV & BBC too: & & &

FIFA's official youtube channel has a match highlights playlist for all the games at this World Cup:

Team Twitter accounts (for news, team line-ups, injuries, goals etc)...

Argentina -
Australia -
Belgium -
Brazil -
Cameroon -
Canada -
Costa Rica -
Croatia -
Denmark -
Ecuador -
England -
France -
Germany -
Ghana -
Iran -
Japan -
Mexico -
Morocco -
Netherlands -
Poland -
Portugal -
Qatar -
Saudi Arabia -
Senegal -
Serbia -
South Korea -
Spain -
Switzerland -
Tunisia -
Uruguay -
Wales -

Liverpool have 7 current players at the World Cup...

Alisson & Fabinho for Brazil
Trent and Henderson for England
Nunez for Uruguay
van Dijk for the Netherlands
Konate for France

Ex-Reds at the World Cup...

D Ward, H Wilson, N Williams, J Allen, L Suarez, S Coates, R Sterling, C Coady, T Minimino, X Shaqiri, D Lovren, M Grujic, S Mignolet. (13 players in total)

And also Rigobert Song as the coach of Cameroon.

Hope you all enjoy the 2022 World Cup - especially given the thousands who died to bring 5760 minutes of football in Qatar. To say nothing of the many other issues around it being played in Qatar, as well as FIFA & Qatar's child-like responses to these valid concerns and criticisms. Like many others, I won't be watching a single minute of it. But thought the above info may be useful for those that are.

FIFA think "the best World Cup ever" is one they themselves removed love, equality, & the fight vs racism from. A World Cup built on bribes, lies, threats, & literally countless deaths.

The 'Football on TV: for anyone wanting to watch footy - but avoid the 2022 World Cup' thread:


Ravishing Rick Dude:
Should i bet my house on it?


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