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I have tried to Google this but unfortunately couldn't find an answer.

I bought a new car approximately a month ago now but this week I've noticed that my petrol gauge seems to go down when facing downhill when my car isn't in operation it seems to tick down by 10 miles on the miles remaining.  When I drive the car.. it goes down normally so if i do my 30 mile commute to work it goes down by 30 miles but when I park at home which is on a bit of a hill it goes down. If I move my car to do a small journey or to go to work, when I park it back again and then go back out.. its gone down by 10 miles.

Anybody know what could be causing it, only noticed it since i filled up on Wednesday?

When parked on a hill the fuel won't be "level" so therefore the gauge won't read correctly.


The petrol tank has something floating in it to read the level of petrol.

I guess that if you are pointing downhill, the petrol in the tank isn't level and that makes the float I the tank go lower, hence it reads a lower number.

I would then guess that your trip computer isn't really very accurate about working our range.

It works by using average mpg values that you do.  For a short journey, your mpg is always poor (car warning up etc.)

When you park on the slope face the car the other way and the mileage will go up instead of down. Happy days!


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