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--- Quote from: Fortneef on July  2, 2016, 03:11:56 pm ---

is the main palace board. Not HoL.

--- End quote ---

Theres a civil war between the two palace boards. cpfc is good and hol is evil.

Not sure if anyone even looks at this, but I'd remove as a recommended site.  Little to zero football chat and plenty of racist/hooligan stuff.

Nobody reads this thread.

Apparently its ok to slander other fans by associating them with the stupidest messageboard associated with their club.

Thanks for editing. I appreciate it.

Boaty McBoatface:
I've removed all the dead links and updated the list to the current PL teams. Feel free to use this post to update the original if you want. Let me know if anyone wants to add anything or if they spot any errors.

Arsenal Mania - A busy forum with lots of members.
Arsenal News Review - This is a great site written by two Arsenal supporters. Myles Palmer is an astute observer of football, mainly Arsenal but also on other teams and players/ Ian Grant covers Arsenal in the news. No forum but well worth a visit for Palmer's thoughts.
Goonersweb - Goonersweb is a lively online community for discussion about Arsenal FC, other football news and has sections where users can chat about other topics. Away fans welcomed.

Aston Villa
Heroes & Villains - News and forums.
VillaTalk - Forum.
AVFC Blog - News and opinion.
AVillafan - News and opinion.

Vital Bournemouth - News and forum.

The Griffin Park Grapevine - Forums.

North Stand Chat - Forum.
We Are Brighton - News and opinion.

Turfites Talk - Footymad club forum.

CFC-Net - The leading independent Chelsea fan site with news, player interviews and lively discussion boards. Some of Rawks finest can occasionally be seen here. They've currently filled their quota of resident Liverpool supporters though so...
Chelsea Mad - News.

Crystal Palace
CPFC - One of their regular posters seems to be very angry that Palace fans were being tarred with the brush of the other forum, so we've now added this one. I've had a quick look and they look a decent enough bunch.
Holmsdale Online - News and forums.

ToffeeWeb - Excellent site offering news and comment on all things Evertonian. There's a forum attached to the site but the People's Forum is a busier and funnier alternative.
The People's Forum - Long established Everton supporters forum. Some great banter and easily the pick of the Blue fora.
Grand Old Team - News and forums. Prepare to be amazed!
FulhamWeb - News and forum.
Friends of Fulham - Forum.

For other Liverpool fansites see the LFC Fansite Guide

Luton Town
Hatters News - News.
Luton Outlaws - Forum.

Manchester City
Bitter and Blue - News and opinion.
Blue Moon - News and forum.
ManCityFans.Net - Forum.
Vital Football City Chat - Forums.

Manchester United
Red Issue - Prepare to be called some nasty names.
United We Stand - Fanzine and paid forum.
Red Cafe - Don't judge them too harshly, they don't know better.

Newcastle United
Newcastle Online - A very polished site with popular forums.
Toontastic - Another good magpie site.
NUFC - News and opinion.
True Faith - Fanzine website.
Dan's Domain - Footymad club forum.

Nottingham Forest
LTLF Forest Forum - Forum.
Vital Football Forest Forum - Forums.

Sheffield United
S24SU - News and forums.
Vital Football Up The Blades - Forum.

Tottenham Hotspur
Spurs Community - News and forum.
THFC Talk - News and opinion.

West Ham United - Knees up Mother Brown, a good Hammers site.
West Ham Online - News and forums.

Wolverhampton Wanderers
The Wolves Forum - Forum.
Molineux Mix - Forum.
Wolves-Mad - Footymad club forum.


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