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Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Sadio Mané
« Last post by xbugawugax on Today at 04:17:44 am »
The best thing about Mane’s goal was about 60-seconds before it (could have been more), Neville had just finished a diatribe about how he said after the Chelsea game “something isn’t right about this Liverpool side and still isn’t” or words to that affect.

fuck that rat face hypocritical c*nt. anything he says is a veiled dig. from salah moving away since he signed for us, man u winning the title before us and rift between salah and mane. how could anyone take him seriously anymore. his existence is a joke just like his coaching career.

Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Welcome (back) to Liverpool, Joel Matip!
« Last post by xbugawugax on Today at 04:14:38 am »
only 2nd best centre back in the league

behind vvd of course.

think one of our best free transfers behind milly and gary mac?

and the way he defends should last him well in his 30s. intelligence and anticipation should get better with age
Ta la
Have they replaced Harry Maguire with a statue of Harry Maguire? He was even worse than usual today.
Is there a difference?  :o
News and Current Affairs / Re: Keir Starmer: your views?
« Last post by Zeb on Today at 03:11:10 am »
Mentioned my belief that some of the polls being used to try to set a narrative seemed to be pretty clear outliers. I think this one from Deltapoll (for Mail on Sunday) will be the reverse of those. Things are somewhere in between, closer than some would seem to want and too far apart for others. Would think things will narrow over the winter and into the Spring but it seems pretty clear Sunak is preparing the illusion of an economic bounce for 2023 (eg fixing the OBR's numbers so he can cut this year to then do tax cuts and 'increased' spending next, see the FT's reporting on that).

Westminster Voting Intention:

CON: 38% (-3)
LAB: 37% (+4)
LDM: 9% (=)
GRN: 6% (-1)
SNP: 4% (+1)
REF: 2% (-1)
UKIP: 2% (-1)

Deltapoll, 13-15 Oct (changes to 3rd September), (pdf download)
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Mohamed Salah - Best in the World
« Last post by harleydanger on Today at 02:40:14 am »
One of them is goal of the season. I'm going to be simultaneously delighted and pissed off because one of them wins it and the other doesn't, regardless of which way round it goes.

I'm 99% sure a Ronaldo tap in will be named goal of the season
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Sadio Mané
« Last post by jckliew on Today at 02:38:19 am »
Should have got 2 today. Sometimes he is a bit too careless with his finishing.
How in the fuck has a turd like Steve Bruce managed 1000 games?

Don't worry mate,he'll be for the chop soon.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Mohamed Salah - Best in the World
« Last post by jckliew on Today at 02:13:32 am »
FSG is probably thinking of how to sell Mo for the best price now and plunk half of that on Haaland. That is profitability.
Liverpool FC Forum / Re: Trent Alexander-Arnold
« Last post by Al 666 on Today at 02:10:07 am »
Was it just me, or did Trent do a number of passes unnecessarily with his left foot today? Most right footers would just position themselves to pass with the right, but Trent just passes it with the body shape of a natural left footer instead, saving maybe a second, even without an opposition player near him.

That second though is invaluable. It stops the opposition pressing and it also stops the opposition making recovery runs.
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