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Digital Camera: Which one?

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Any queries about Mobile Phones, MP3/DVD Players, Camera's, Hi-Fi, TV, Tech stuff etc, in here.

If you've got a problem with something, give the model number etc and any other relevant info.

And do have a look on Google first...


Walshy nMeŽ:
I have just bought one, engraved with...

Champions of Europe

...engraved on the back. ;)


sure it will fit. its small as fuck ;D


--- Quote from: plinkyplonk on September  8, 2005, 02:24:03 pm ---Bolx!

I bought an Ipod shuffle a couple of months ago... wish I had waited and got this one! It's SO much better!

--- End quote ---

Aye, the shuffle is a really poor product compared to some out now...

Walshy nMeŽ:
Can't wait for it to arrive, only 5 working days. Should have it in time for Mancs. :D :wave


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