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What mobile phone?

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15 Pro pricing isn't too bad so will upgrade from 12 Mini to 15 Pro.

Hedley Lamarr:

--- Quote from: Graeme on September 21, 2023, 09:45:45 am ---15 Pro pricing isn't too bad so will upgrade from 12 Mini to 15 Pro.

--- End quote ---

When you consider inflation I guess itís actually cheaper than the 14 pro line.  Wasnít expecting that.

Tis the season to be jillc:
I have decided to try the Pixel 7a phone. I just want to try something new and get away from Apple as I am getting sick of dealing with them now and their horrible pricing.

Hedley Lamarr:
Apple's pricing is quite reasonable with the 15 line, cheaper than the comparative Samsung handsets, the iPhone 15 is £50 cheaper than the Pixel 7 pro was at launch (and that phone was anything but 'pro')

I've been Apple since the iPhone 3G which was what? About 2008? I dabbled with Android once in that time with a HTC Sensation probably around 2011 and have been back with iOS ever since. The kit just works, and the software just works, and it works out of the box too with minimal setup.

One of the kids had a Fire Tablet a few years back, we've had Sony TV's running Android plus a couple of Fire TV Sticks. Anything Android based we've had at home I've always found buggy, a bit slow and just generally nowhere near as polished as iOS is.


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