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--- Quote from: kellan on December  5, 2022, 07:13:13 pm ---Any help with my options that are 6.0" or smaller for £150 or less. It's for the mother, so it doesn't need any bells or whistles. But I'm struggling to find anything full stop. She doesn't want a huge phone (is currently using a Galaxy J3 at only 5.0"). She just needs the handset. Doesn't need to be a new release, just not so old that support has stopped or will be stopping shortly.

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Everybody ends up getting used to bigger phones once they use them for a bit. There isnít really anything decent of that size as far as I know. Went with a redmi note 11 pro for herselfs father. His current phone is my old moto g 1st gen which is 4.5 inches so will be a bit of a shock. Surprised it lasted this long but he is a light user.

Picked up a Pixel 6a for £258 on a flash O2 sale.

Got a £50 recycling boost for my old phone and a free Fitbit Versa on the way.

After Recycling cashback it should end up costing me £169 plus the Fitbit. If I can get about a hundred squid for that on eBay it's about £70 all in.

Now this may be just the Honor 70 which has these issues but since switching from Apple to android I have three major gripes:

1.  Adverts. So many adverts! Any streaming service such as youtube/twitch etc has at least double the amount of ads at the beginning and in the middle of watching content. Also some normal apps I was using on iPhone that did not have adverts within them, have ads on them on when using with android. - Anyone know a way around this?

2. Notifications. They work for a while and then they just stop working. If you open and use the app, next thing youll start getting notifications for that app again. At least for 5 minutes. No amount of messing with the
    notification settings fixes this. Also there is a biiiiig delay on notifications. Up to 5 minutes delay on gmail app for example in comparison to iphone.

3. Google assistant. Just randomly decides to stop working without me changing any settings. I've just fixed this again but (ironically) had to google how to do so.

Ben S:
2 & 3 are probably due to plain stupid memory management by Honor. Think they were spun out of Huawei who despite making decent phones their software was shit and likes to kill apps to save battery etc.
Samsung phones are far better in that respect.

Check in settings for deep sleep, they may have been put to sleep which will prevent them running in the background for notifications. My old P20 pro used to love putting anything and everything on the deep sleep list. Crap for usability great for benchmarks thought....

I've been a good boy:
Bad choice to go from iPhone to Honor, like going from a Mercedes-Benz to a Skoda. Samsung are the best choice for Android, then maybe Google/Oppo.


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