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This is the time, 3 years on where I need a new mobile... But which one? My needs are these... I like to text, so the phone needs to be quite user friendly for this. Also I keep a large Contacts List on Outlook at work, so I need all of this transferred to the phone... I want a phone for 'phone use' and I am not particularly interrested in a fancy camera or video. So one with good reception is paramount.
Other things... A loud ring, nice tunes on the phone, and a good looker I suppose.
Can anyone recommend one? I was looking at the Sony Ericsson K750i...looks nice. Anyone have one of these phones? Currently I have a SE, so maybe I should stick with the same make... ???

۩ Imperator ۩:
Sony Ericsson K750i is the best phone I've ever had. SE also look to have some nice new phones coming out in the near future.

Nokia 6680

Matt S:

--- Quote from: Sorted!! on February 16, 2006, 08:22:10 pm ---Nokia 6680

--- End quote ---
if you want a clumsy slow difficult to use pile of crap.

K750 is the best phone i've had. Watch for the latest bits and bobs.

The Bill Hicks Appreciation Society:
indeed k750i is the best, i've got the w800i which is the one up from that. difference being a 512mb mp3 player. but if your not arsed about that then the k750i is the way to go.


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