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Everton v Fulham at Goodison.

A minutes silence before the match impeccably observed.

RIP. Gone but never forgotten.

Thoughts with all affected by that day.

Horrible, horrible day for so many people.

Condolences and much love to family, loved ones and friends of the 97 killed through the actions of South Yorkshire Police on this day (April 15th) 1989.

I'm sorry.

RIP Brothers / Sisters.

I've decided to post this and thinking about it for about an hour. I've just popped into a Forest forum and there's a few bellends on there giving it the drunken Liverpool fans bollocks. It reminds me of that bizzie saying about Liverpool fans drinking ' carafs of wine '. I mean what the fuck ? Carafs of wine !! Another poster said that weeks after Hillsborough Liverpool fans were bunking into Wembley on TV. He's wrong of course as he's on about the 1986 final and the footage was at the Everton end . It saddens me.

JFT 97 and all those it has effected.

I know from bitter experience how hard it is to ignore them mate, and at one time the right thing for me to do was to challenge them as much as I could, to try and educate. Now I just try and focus on the good ones out there, like these…


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