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--- Quote from: swoopy on April  3, 2023, 07:24:26 am ---If he forwards it, the person he's sending it to gets the credit. Distribute and he keeps it.

Being on 18 / 19 won't make any difference.

--- End quote ---

Thought as much, just wanted to be sure.


7k in the queue.. so F5 for the week it is

I'm 693, and it was a 6 minute wait time .... now shot up to 48 minutes  :-\


--- Quote from: anfieldpurch on April  3, 2023, 11:01:13 am ---7k in the queue.. so F5 for the week it is

--- End quote ---

Hopefully easier to get sorted for games that require pre-req. Combined with our great form at the moment should equal more returns.

was 30 minute wait now over an hour


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