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MichaelA: - Attorney General advice on social media and contempt, issued just before Christmas.

Thanks @MichaelA

I've just posted a request on the Attorney General's Twitter feed that he issue guidance on how contempt of court applies in the context of the Hillsborough Inquests.

No certainty of a response from the Attorney General's Office.

If I get a response I'll post further.

So what if a twitter or Fb poster - is overseas?   Can you still get done if you overstep the mark? 

Block G Raptor:

--- Quote from: Bluelagos on February 13, 2014, 02:10:11 pm ---So what if a twitter or Fb poster - is overseas?   Can you still get done if you overstep the mark?

--- End quote ---
Very good Question BlueLagos. It applies directly to myself as admin of a  campaign related FB and Twitter but also from ROI. interesting. still I'm gonna close down the FB and stay off twitter for the duration for although they would be hard pushed to pin contempt of court, it could still do serious damage to the families and survivors cases.
Best to steer clear of all forums and social media

The Tenacious Kennedy:
Social media is littered with comments that Hillsborough was caused by drunken, violent ticketless fans who killed their own and then robbed them..which is much of the SYP 1989 case

I can't see why rebuttal of that with evidence and facts can be in any way contempt of court

Saying that, we do need to be careful what we write, and think through the risks, particularly on Twitter and Facebook

If in doubt, don't write it in a public forum.

As they say in medicine, 'first, do no harm'


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