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I'm an Arsenal fan with no allegiances to LFC - but I've been moved to sign up to this forum today to show some solidarity with the fans and families of fans of LFC.

Its hard to express what I really feel - shame is the main feeling. I live in a society where I've allowed this to happen so I feel as much to blame as anyone for the truth not being heard earlier. I hope you can understand but you see the lies were convenient - they fitted and they were easy to swallow. Even as I stood for the minutes silence for the 96 at the Emirates last year I was only really honouring the dead on a human level - even then I was fairly sure of the version of reality that I'd decided upon.

This week has been shocking for me only on the realisation that I've got it wrong for so many years. I'd always known that there were lots of factors at play but having been to so many games in that era I'd just assumed.......but it was wrong.

If I'm this upset I don't know how those of you directly affected can be coping right now. If my changed reality is worth anything to you then here it is - use it and take it for what you can. I and anyone I've spoken to this week am shocked, stunned and absolutely behind the fans and their families. The truth won't be forgotten.  :'(

Good luck with the next steps and I hope you can find something positive to take forwards and find some normality after this.

RIP the 96 and peace for their loved ones.

Thanks for your comments mate. I think lots of other fans have been educated this week in something that LFC fans have known all along. Some of the stuff that came out shocked everyone, LFC fans included.

Mr Kipling:

--- Quote from: Cochise on September 14, 2012, 09:17:41 pm ---Thanks for your comments mate.

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The 5th Benitle:
Thanks, Stu. Stick around, we have a few Arsenal fans on here and fans of other clubs are very welcome :wave

Thanks for posting Stu.


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