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Atleti Madrid fans match 21 Oct details, directions, YouTube reports, photos

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I've had very good discussions with the main unofficial supporters' union over there that are very anti- their owner, similar to SoS. Met them in London at the FSI (football Supporters' International ) conference in July, exchanged badges, etc., we both hoped we'd meet in the champions league, and I said if we do let's arrange a friendly !

Edited with latest update

PITCH BOOKED Tuesday 21st October 8-10pm - let's aim to meet there 7.30 ish, by 7.45 if you want to start the match, but otherwise turn up as soon as you can and come on as sub.

Polideportivo Municipal de Orcasitas
translates as ORCASITAS  Municipal Sports Centre

Unfortunately it is not the best connected pitch they could find, but it was the ONLY one not taken by schools, churches, local football clubs etc.

It's in Avenida de Rafaela Ybarra s/n

Nearest metro is San Fermin Orcasur at the end of the southern part of Line 3 (yellow).

From there it will take 15 minutes to walk to the football pitch, up one only road, Avenida de los Poblados.

[one thing to bear in mind here are taxis are really quite cheap, it may cost 3 or 4 euros and all you have to do is show the cabby the address. They dont speak a word of English Im afraid ]

After the match, we have thought of a very special bar called The Red Corner. Owned by an Atletico fan, you might find yourselves very much at home, with pints starting at 4 eur.

[There is a bus from one place to the other, but we are unsure about the number & times. Perhaps there will be enough private cars, or even taxis, which again would cost say 5 or 6 euros, but can take 4 people. Will get back to you on this]

Bar - The Red Corner

Calle Bolivar, 24

Nearest metros are  Arganzuela Planetario (Line 6, grey), literally 50 steps away. Another very very close metro is Legazpi, (lines 3 and 6)

The metro system is v. easy to use, tickets cost 1 .  Will attach the metro plan to this thread within a few hours.

ALL RAWKers RAOTLERS and SoSers welcome, the more the merrier. BRING FLAGS.

Bring  your ASTROS  and  a red LFC top

All red shorts & socks  will be provided but if you can bring yer own so much better.


Bring scarves or badges to swap if you can.

Banners welcome - anti-owners, anti-UEFA and anti-racism slogans especially welcome (I'm doing one with all 3)

Will be firming up playing numbers over the next 24 hours or so.

Who is this organised by ? The Senales de Humo (= Smoke Signals) independent Atletico shareholders group who are campaigning against their shitty owner &  for increased fan representation, etc.  They are also organising a big anti-UEFA demo on matchday to which we are invited. Details to follow.

will be going like but am shite at footy, would come and cheer yers on.
quite decent at putting nets up/ magic sponge etc :P

damn it! i'm gonna miss this one had a good laugh in Milan, not coming out till the day of the game not got many holidays left but will be out at about 7pm in PSV the day before if me flights still available for the clash in december

In Madrid early Tuesday.  Deffo from me.

Mr Mojo Risin':
i'll deffo play this time Nige, wont just bring my new forrests, and keep off the vodka.
also the team looked soooo week  at left back.;)


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